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We can find you the best price to cover policy.


Health insurance

Full range of plans from basic to premium packages


Motor insurance

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Other Solutions from Assist Insurance

  • Condo Insurance – This policy will protect contents and damage to your condo.
  • Motorbike Insurance – A range of plans to insure you and your bike are protected.
  • Life Insurance – Policy to suit all needs and Budgets
Home Insurance

From a one bedroom studio to a 8 bedroom mansion, we've got you covered.

There are many reasons to take cover for your home or condo here in Chiang Mai. The first is peace of mind in the event of an accident or issue related to your home.

We have a range of providers that can insure your home to the limits you need, for basic up to premium.

If you are worried about fire, flood or theft we have you covered. We specialize in home insurance to suit your specific needs, whether you have a large 5 bedroom house or a 40 sqm Condo we can provide the perfect cover at a reasonable cost.

“Aurelien took out coverage on his condo in the centre of Chiang Mai. He frequently travels and was away on business when a pipe burst under his sink.

The condo was flooded and the water went into the newly renovated room below causing damage of 300,000 baht. The management alerted Aurelien by email and he provided the insurers details, the visit the property, made an assessment and ordered the work to start.

A burst pipe is common it was just unlucky that when it happened he wasn’t in the condo. Luckily as he had cover the problem of a few emails was fair better than a few emails and having to pay out around $10,000USD. “

“Tom a young fit 29 year old with no previous medical conditions, took out health insurance with us, at our office in Chiang Mai. He went for a health cover plan with no deductible and coverage of 500,000 USD. The health plan covers all inpatient visits and there is no need to pay up front.

Tom was then involved in a bike accident and broke his arm, his treatment cost was 100,000 baht or around 3000 USD. The insurance he purchased covered all costs. 3 weeks later he tripped and feel and broke his collar bone, treatment cost was 60,000 baht or roughly 2000 USD. Again his health insurance he purchased covered everything.

He made claims within the first month or buying his health insurance and there was no problem with payment. The insurance paid out roughly 160,000 baht or $5000USD. His cost to purchase the policy as he was paying monthly was only 70USD.  Just because you are healthy it doesn’t mean you should have health insurance.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

Health Insurance

If there's a cost to your health, we'll make sure there's not a cost to your wallet.

In Thailand medical care for minor illness or injury is fast and effective and usually compared to other countries not expensive. This can lead to many people deciding to self insure. However, when something serious happens, which could be life-threatening medical bills become far more costly. Although no one plans to get sick, or get in an accident, if you ask around you are sure to know someone who has recently. The costs involved can be huge, and the medical care you choose can be dictated by your available funds not your best treatment options.

We have various insurance policies to cater to everyone’s needs and budget. Whether that be full international coverage or a local Thai policy we can help.

When you purchase heath insurance you are protecting your health but also you are giving yourself peace of mind. In the event you have an illness or accident, the financial burden will not fall on family or friends.
It is for these reasons that we would recommend you have health insurance whilst living in Thailand.

We have a variety of plans that we can adapt to ensure they meet your specific needs. Health Insurance in Thailand is important. Don’t let your treatment be dictated by cost. Let us find a plan that suits you and your budget.

Motor Insurance

Don't tust your car with strangers, trust it with us.

Many expats and Thais pay too much for their car insurance, and the cover can sometimes be less than adequate.
We can help you obtain the best price for your car insurance in Chiang Mai. We only need a copy of your blue book and we can take it from there.

We don’t just look at one company, and when we see quotes we take into account the companies track record should an accident occur.

Take the hassle out of your car insurance and save money at the same time.

Chiang Mai has more and more cars on the roads and accidents happen. Take out a comprehensive car insurance policy with us, and if an accident does happen, be assured you are covered.

“Michael 65 and from the UK had a policy with which covered full in-patient treatment. He chose a plan with a deductible of 1000 USD, so in the event he makes a claim he would pay the first $1000 and the insurer would pay the rest. This option helps lower the cost of the health insurance policy which many older clients find beneficial. Michael slipped and fell in the shower breaking 2 ribs, puncturing his lung and dislocating his hip. He was admitted to hospital here in Chiang Mai, and needed surgery.

His total bill was 500,000 baht or roughly $15,000USD. His recovery took 2 months, and all follow up visits related to the incident were covered in his plan.  Michael was undecided on whether he needed health cover as he had always been healthy, but afterwards was very happy he took the plan.

We have a variety of plans that we can adapt to ensure they meet your specific needs. Health Insurance in Thailand is important. Don’t let your treatment be dictated by cost. Let us find a plan that suits you and your budget.”


Why Choose Us?

It won’t cost you anything to have someone deal with all of your paperwork, and help with claims. We will work hard to ensure you get the best price and the best cover for your insurance in Chiang Mai. We deal with a lot of companies and so have a huge amount of experience with insurance claims in Thailand. You can also be comfortable in the knowledge that we have both Thai and English speaking staff to make sure everything is explained and to ensure your claim goes through without issue.

As an insurance broker in Chiang Mai you are always able to come to the office to discuss anything related to your policies. For example perhaps you have a contents insurance for your Condo in Chiang Mai and wish to increase or decrease the insured value. All you need to do is phone we can arrange the policy give you a quote and you can then collect the new policy once it arrives.

We are here to make your insurance needs in Chiang Mai as easy as possible. The issue most people worry about is making an insurance Claim in Thailand. As your insurance broker the company will help with any problems or issues with the claim. We are also always on hand to give advice at any time.

When using Assist Insurance you as the client are our priority, unlike many companies we aren’t selling our own products, so it’s in our interest to look after you solely.

If you want a local insurance agent in Chiang Mai, that will look after your needs for insurance and provide you with the best products, please come in to see us.

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